Featuring great graphics, Jack and the Beanstalk is an intriguing story with a wonderful soundtrack. You are missing out on the excitement of this online casino game powered by Netent. Visit netent-casinos.info to learn more about this slot game. You should be up and running within no time.

Jack and Beanstalk Features and Theme

Join the young boy in his thrilling quest to collect treasure from a land crawling with giants. This slot features 5 reels across 20 pay lines and with as little as €0.2, you can visit sfvoces.com to start playing the game powered by Netent.

  1. Has 5 reels across 20 pay lines
  2. Bet with as little as €0.2

You will enjoy the innovations of this game. The most notable is the Treasure Collection feature that allows you to stack your treasure and enhance your odds. As you navigate the land of the giants, you will feel your adrenaline rise and you hunt the treasure.

Jack and the Beanstalk: The Interface

One thing you will love about this game is its user-friendly interface. It enhances the gameplay in that you can access all options straight from the dashboard. You can the size of your bet and can keep an eye on it after every spin.

An easy user interface is an important feature of any online casino game. It helps players to master the game easily and start playing. It also boosts confidence, making it seem easier to win. Jack and the Beanstalk has excelled on this front, hence, its popularity.


Jack and the Beanstalk - Bonus Features

You will find a number of exciting bonus features at Jack and the Beanstalk. One such feature is the Walking Wild that appears on any reel both in the base game and during respins. It moves one reel to the left giving you more room to win.

When the Walking Wild appears, you get a free spin. So, apart from increase your chances of winning, it gives you extra spins at no additional cost. This feature comes in handy especially if you are operating on a shoestring budget and don't want to stake too much.

Free Spins with Jack and the Beanstalk

Free spins is another amazing feature of this slot game from Netent. In fact, slots would never be the same without the possibility of free spins for players. In this game, you get free spins every time you land the Walking Wild, which keeps moving to the left.

  • Free spins are available when you get the Walking Wild
  • Respins make slots quite interesting to play

Since slots are purely games of chance, you would not be able to predict a win or a loss. Free spins come in handy to increase your chances as they give you more opportunities to spin the wheel without spending an extra coin or placing another bet.

Jacks and the Beanstalk - Is It Worth Your Time?

Jack and the Beanstalk is definitely worth your time, especially if you have a soft spot for slot games. Of course, the number of slots to choose is almost unlimited but this game stands out from the pack. Take advantage of the bonuses to increase your winning chances.

With an easy user interface and a fascinating storyline, Jack and the Beanstalk makes for a very interesting slot to play. The bonus further adds the icing to the cake, as does the low minimum betting amount. You can try your luck on the amazing slot from Netent.